Greg Hoffman Addresses AutoCPA Group on "The Impact of Reinsurance When Evaluating a Dealership Purchase/Sale"

May 16, 2016

Greg Hoffman addresses AutoCPA Group on “The Impact of Reinsurance When Evaluating a Dealership Purchase/Sale.”

At the annual AutoCPA conference held in May, Greg Hoffman of Resources Management Group and Portfolio Group presented on the impact of reinsurance when evaluating a dealership purchase / sale. The presentation’s focus was a guide for CPA’s and dealer advisors on how to help their clients quantify the reinsurance value and impact on the purchaser and seller side of the transaction. Hoffman’s program helped define for CPA’s how to perform comprehensive reinsurance valuation produced by the purchase opportunity as well as define the inheriting risks associated with the seller’s current reinsurance structures including CFC, NCFC, Dealer Owned Warranty Company and self-insured structures and trailing liability that could impact the buyer. Tax implications, return on investment and risks of each platform were analyzed.

About Auto CPA Group

The AutoCPA Group is a nation-wide association of Certified Public Accounting firms, each of whom specializes in providing professional services to automobile dealerships. The primary objective of the AutoCPA Group is to provide a professional forum for the confidential presentation and exchange of technical information relating to all aspects of dealer operations.


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