RMG provides technology solutions to streamline your selling process, track performance and increase profits.


Staying in step with technology has definitely made our job easier over the years. In terms of reporting and manager accountability, we can do things we only dreamed of in the past. Technological innovations have also streamlined the selling process, increasing customer satisfaction and ease of use for employees. At RMG we employ every tech tool we can to make our clients’ lives easier and more profitable.


Resources Management Group has partnered with Several Electronic Menu Platforms, providing our clients flexibility and access to the latest advancements in technology and industry trends. RMG’s technology partners will seamlessly integrate with your DMS provider and menu system to get customers in and out as quickly as possible while simplifying issuance and remittance.


Today’s dealers need to be able to track their team’s performance in real-time. With RMG data analytics by secure metrics, dealers are provided an automated sales and F&I tracking solution. If you’re not able to access critical performance data at all times it’s impossible to keep your team accountable and boost sales. Data analytics through secure metrics also allows RMG the ability to isolate and attack weak spots before they manifest themselves, keeping all parties one step ahead of market trends and individual performance.