Greg Hoffman addresses A.I.C.P.A. Conference on Profit Opportunities

October 14, 2014

Greg Hoffman addresses A.I.C.P.A. Conference on “Understanding the Profit Opportunities and Choices for your Dealer Client”

At the annual A.I.C.P.A. conference held in October Greg Hoffman of Resources Management Group and Portfolio Group was the lead presenter of Automotive Dealership F&I profit opportunities. The presentation focus was a guide for CPA’s and dealer advisors on the opportunities for automobile dealers to capture significant new profit from F&I sales and the resulting reinsurance opportunities. Over 300 CPA’s, dealership CFO’s and automotive industry advisors attended the session. Greg Hoffman’s program helped define for CPA’s the process of analyzing and comparing the various reinsurance structures including CFC, NCFC, Dealer Owned Warranty Company and self-insured structures. Tax implications, return on investment and risks of each platform were analyzed. Each CPA in attendance received an reinsurance evaluation MATRIX to assist them in providing their dealer clients guidance.


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If you are an Automobile Dealer Advisor, CPA, or Attorney that would like to receive a copy of this presentation please click on this link.